Latest Project from Eyes Wide Open

Greek and Greek-Cypriot Gastronomy: an Ethnography

With support from Heritage Lottery Fund, our current project explores the culinary heritage of London's Greek and Greek-Cypriot community. Greek and Greek Cypriot Gastronomy in London: an Ethnography is an oral history community project documenting the stories of the members of the community who opened Greek and Greek Cypriot restaurants in London from 1950s until 2016. We will record the memories of a community whose identity is intrinsically connected to food, in London, which is certainly becoming the gatsronomic capital of the world.

Eyes Wide Open works with volunteers at Arachne Greek Cypriot Women's Centre and along with filmmakers and curators will interview Greek and Greek Cypriot restaurant owners across London. The interviews will be edited and turned into short documentaries, which along with the photographs gathered from the interviews will be archived and housed in the Greek Diaspora Archive in King's College London and shared with Layers of London (http:/

We will launch the #heritageoftaste and #whenagreekcookedforme hash tags inviting everyone with an interest in gastronomy, heritage and community history to explore the culinary culture of the Greek and Greek Cypriot community and celebrate London's rich gastronomic heritage.

Stay tuned and tell us your story of #whenagreekcookedforyou!!